While the battle between hero and villain continues undeterred on the pages of the manga, the protagonists of this cosplay My hero academia They sign a short truce to celebrate Christmas.

When Yuei High School Grade 1-A Young Students Have to Give Birth a Christmas party In an earlier bonus chapter of the manga, this never happened to the members of the Villain Union. But this great cosplay fixes that bitter situation.

Cosplayer @Nymphahri has decided to celebrate the holidays with this one fantastic interpretation by Himiko Toga, one of the most popular protagonists of Kohei Horikoshi's work. Let's wait to admire it again in the fifth season of My Hero Academia, which is scheduled for March 2021, and let's enjoy this cosplay.

GG's Cosplay Twitter profile shared this amazing rendition in which Toga wears a Christmas look to celebrate the Christmas air and is holding a knife that can be used to cut a pandoro. Or a poor hero from the My Hero Academia universe.

The cosplay is almost perfect and behind the girl's gentle and pure air you can understand everything the madness he is capable of. And what do you think of this interpretation? During Jump Festa 2021, Kohei horikoshi shared a message of hope for the end of the pandemic to fans of My Hero Academia. Let's find out who would win a clash between Katsuki Bakugo and Gran Torino from My Hero Academia.

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