From the Sharingan of the Uchiha to the Byakugan of the Hyuga to the Rinnegan of Nagato, the eye arts are among the most powerful and exclusive techniques in the ninja universe. But in Boruto: Naruto the next generations, Dojutsu could change forever because of Sasuke.

In chapter 53 of the manga, Isshiki is on the verge of taking possession of Kawaki after defeating his opponents. However, Sasuke detonates a smoke bomb, one of the most common ninja weapons to help the boy escape. What seemed like a desperate gesture, however, turned out to be much more.

The smoke bomb doesn't just create a cloud, it actually creates it blocks Otsutsuki's Byakugan. Clan Hyuga's exclusive eye art was blocked in seconds by a simple bomb. But where did Sasuke get this weapon from?

From what is suggested, the bomb would be a scientific ninja instrument created by Katasuke. One of those technological advances that the Seventh Hokage was strong against. In this case, science has been a boon to Konoha.

However, if one of the antagonists takes up a similar technology, it could be Block powerful dojutsu like the ones Sasuke used himself, which makes him defenseless against the blows of the opponent. Is Scientific Advancement Good Or Bad For The Ninja World? Here are five characters who might have inherited the Nine-Tails Fox in Boruto. A new threat is ready to attack Konoha in Boruto.

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