The fourth season of the animated implementation of My hero academia presents us with a unique villager who responds to the name Gentle Crimina. The cosplayer Mithos has managed to bring the elegance of this character back into a new interpretation. Let's see

After defeating the powerful overhaul and his group of Yakuza, the protagonist of the manga of Horikoshi will face a new enemy that is not very impressive unique for the reasons that urge him to act and certainly for its appearance.

Originally intent on becoming a hero Gently He goes the route of the crime by committing petty thefts and uploading videos to the network in hopes of getting noticed. His nature allows him Turn everything it touches into elastic materialhe is also accompanied by his assistant, The Bravawho has the power to increase the villain's strength in proportion to her love for him.

The fan of the series, Mithospresents its cosplay dedicated to this particular enemy by reproducing its appearance down to the smallest detail: from elegant clothes to characteristic mustaches, from the color of the eyes to the hair with the tuft that falls on one of them.

What do you think of this wonderful cosplay? Let us know in a comment.

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