Appeared in the early stages of the fifth season of My hero academia To attack Endeavor and Hawks who are exhausted after their battle with the high end Nomu, Dabi is about to step back into action in this fantastic female cosplay made with the art of bodypainting.

The animated series is currently working on the Joint Training Arc, a saga in which the boys in grades 1-A and 1-B clash in a joint training session. In the new episode of My Hero Academia, the third round of testing also ended, bringing the simulated battle closer to its end. In the end, the bad guys might return to attack and soon In the first row we find Dabi, already determined to oppose heroes number one and number two.

While waiting for this moment, cosplayer Sofia Black Thorn shared her homage to Dabi on Instagram: a fantastic cosplay that portrays the antagonist in a new light. As stated by the artist herself, this feminine interpretation was made exclusively using the bodypaint technique. All the clothes you see are nothing but paints that are applied to the skin.

The cosplayer said in the post that accompanied the work that she wanted to create something a series of works dedicated to the work of Kohei Horikoshi. What other character would you like to see with this particular style? In the meantime, here's another cosplay from My Hero Academia.

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