After several years of pregnancy, the manga My Hero Academia received its first animated adaptation in 2016. The first season of My Hero Academia, consisting of only 13 episodes, aired between April and June of this year.

From then on, Studio BONES produced more seasons, which made My Hero Academia one of the most popular animes. However, it is inevitable that one day all of this will end, and much will also depend on when the manga ends. What will the final season of My Hero Academia be?? Let's try to make some assumptions that take into account the current state of affairs.

The fifth season of My Hero Academia is currently focused on the Grade 1-A and 1-B exam papers. There will likely be two more storylines told in this arc. However, There would still be stories to tell, enough to cover a sixth season at the moment. Given how much remains to cover to get the manga and the stories Horikoshi has to tell before he can finish My Hero Academia, seven seasons of the anime are already safe and with good potential for an octave.

For a possible ninth season, it will very much depend on how much Horikoshi will linger over time. Against this background My Hero Academia Anime could end in 4 years.

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