The terrible clash between heroes and villains told between the pages of My hero academia is finally over. Among the defenders of justice hardest hit by the war, Endeavor is what hurts him.

After the terrible war, many characters suffered serious injuries, even lost their limbs or even their lives. Enji Todoroki He is not one of them, but he is probably one of those most affected by the events. The man, in fact the current number one hero, has suffered a severe blow from the Revelations of his past actions who question its role in society.

During the confrontation with DabiThe villain claimed to be Shoto's alleged dead brother and revealed to the world how both were victims Abuse by the father in an effort to train the most powerful heroes. Although the boy who can control ice and flames embarked on the path of justice by enrolling at Yuei High School, Endeavor's newly-discovered son has instead become part of the Union of Villains and Cause of the disaster that affected the entire population.

The company is currently addressing this numerous doubts about the role of the hero. With All Might stepping down from the scene, the new symbol of peace might have been the flamboyant man who always wanted it, but sadly, he did lost people's trust and doesn't seem to be able to get it back.

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Finally, I am reporting on an article on Bakugo's alleged guilt in the withdrawal of All Might in My Hero Academia and I leave a message that includes a Mega Man-inspired sketch by the author of My Hero Academia.

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