In My hero academy There are many characters who go into action to defend civilians. With their quirks, professionals do their best on the streets of Japanese cities, but there are also those who strive for this role but are currently concentrating on their studies. There are many such students in Yuei.

In particular, sections 1-A and 1-B, the two heroes of the Yuei course, are routed in this way. And here are the main protagonists of My Hero Academia. The first section that Deku consists of is made up of very different individuals, each with their own passions that light up at certain moments of the plot. During the fourth season, it was Kyoka Jiro who performed thanks to the cultural festival.

Her musical skills, combined with her passion for rock, led her to build a group that took the stage. The operation of the anime was very popular, so the bass that Kyoka Jiro used during the concert is now available on the net. As evidence of the character's explosive popularity, there are also many cosplays dedicated to her.

The Japanese Reikun Voice decided to rock with this one Kyoka Jiro Cosplay from My Hero Academia, with lots of photos below where she's ready to play.

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