A powerful crew like that of an emperor can certainly not leave the protagonists of ONE PIECE unscathed. Especially for those involved in the clashes at the top who like against Kaido and his more powerful right arms King and queen. This brings a lot of changes to a particular character.

Indeed, Sanji is changing, perhaps because of the raid suit that sparked the experiments that Judge performed on him. He therefore risks actually becoming a soldier of Germa 66, identical to his Vinsmoke brothers who are ruthless and cold to everyone. In ONE PIECE there were various curiosities for Sanji in the last chapters, with the chef who clearly noticed.

Because of this Sanji introduced Zoro. a deadly request, always his rival in the crew. The cook used a Den Den Mushi and asked Zoro to kill him at the end of the fight in case his character should accidentally change. Given how much Sanji hates asking the swordsman for help, it means that the cook feels enormous pressure, which he then undressed in the final blow against Queen.

ONE PIECE 1031 has become an important hub for Sanji that may never be the same again in the near future.

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