The passion for cosplay has been in fashion for many years and for this reason the arrival of a manga entirely focused on this passion could not be delayed. From the head of Shinichi Fukuda came Sono Bisque Doll wa Koi or Suru, known as in the West My dress up favorite thanks to the anime or with the simple abbreviation Bisque Doll.

The anime on Crunchyroll has caused many to know more about the desire of Marin Kitagawa, a young high school girl with a girly look who is really a big fan of anime, video games, light novels and the world of cosplay in general Ability of Wakana Gojo in tailoring and makeup. This couple made it all happen enjoy the romcom dynamic of My Dress-Up Darling which, despite its few episodes, enjoyed great popularity throughout 2022 and significantly boosted the manga's sales.

Naturally, the focus was on the protagonist Marin Kitagawa, who is capable of stealing the show in both the regular high school version and the cosplay version. She wore several disguises throughout the series, beginning with Shizuku-tan and Black Lobelia, but the last one shown in the series' first season was Rizu-kyun, a succubus protagonist of a comic manga 4 coma who little difficulty earned Gojo Wakana.

Eventually, however, they succeeded, and so Marin was able to wear his clothes. But also CarryKey with this one Winking cosplay of Marin Kitagawa Rizu-kyun version, complete with a smile with those two sharp, demonic-looking canines, just like you would expect from a succubus. Alternatively, there's also a never-before-seen Cop Marin cosplay.

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