The debut of the animated series by Jujutsu Kaisen It was a complete success, which was confirmed not only by the excellent narration and the extraordinary characterization of the characters, but also by the spectacular animations by Studio MAPPA. To pay homage to the protagonist of the work, here is a fantastic rendition by Maki Zenin.

Each of the protagonists created by Gege Akutami is a concentrate of disrespect, madness and unique fighting skills. Among the most popular we find Maki Zenin, a sophomore year sophomore from Tokyo Institute of Occult Arts accompanied by Panda and Inumaki.

Maki hides one behind a strict and rigid facade moving story of the rebellion. Associated with the Zenin bloodline, one of the three most powerful warlock families, she has no control over the cursed energy. Because of this, the Zenin wanted to put her aside, but with great courage Maki decided to rebel and become a wizard.

The second child does not have any mystical abilities, but doesimmense physical strength and fight with cursed tools. A character that is very well characterized and that has caught the attention of the community.

The artist @ susuwatar.i shared one on her Instagram profile spectacular cosplay what Maki represents in all her daring and beauty. The interpretation is particularly successful, based on the color of the hair, green, the color of the pupils, the uniform of the Tokyo Jujutsu Tech and the stick with which he faces curses. The only negative note, the so-called needle in a haystack, is the presence of the nasal septum.

What do you think of the cosplayer's job? Meanwhile, we discover the true identity of Noritoshi Kamo from Jujutsu Kaisen in the brain. Kakashi Hatake and Satoru Gojo come together in this ironic Jujutsu Kaisen fanart.

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A contribution from cata (@ susuwatar.i)

See this post on Instagram

A contribution from cata (@ susuwatar.i)

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