The cosplay phenomenon has now evolved into an industry parallel to fashion. There are no models who wear designer clothes from world brands, but models who wear clothes created from the mind of mangaka, entertainers or companies. The phenomenon is also going viral in Japan Above all, Enako should stand out.

Enako is one of the most popular and profitable Japanese cosplayers as revealed recently. The model has been in business for some time, has worked with many companies and has taken the role of many characters not only from anime and manga, but also from video games and the world of v-tubers. The 27-year-old is working hard to achieve those results, however what happens to his once-worn cosplay? The revelation came in a video interview that also ended up on YouTube.

On the Business Drive channel Enako appeared on a video showing the result of her work. In addition to her work as a model and gravure idol, a presentation of her workplace begins at minute 7:29 of the above video. Enako welcomes the troupe in a room where many boxes are arranged on the shelves: in each of them there is a complete cosplay with all the clothes and accessories. according to estimates There should be around 400 or 500 cosplayers in this room, as Enako does not fail to explain.

The model also adds that she also has another room that houses other larger accessories like weapons, wings, sticks and other items that don't fit in the boxes. One of these boxes will also contain the Freeze cosplay he used to promote the Weekly Shonen Sunday manga.

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