There are many manga, anime, and light novels that focus on polyamorous relationships. On the other hand, harems are a founding category of Japanese industry, in which many girls swarm around the protagonist, fall madly in love with him and challenge each other to win his heart. High School DxD is an exponent of this kind.

It all starts with poor Issei Hyodo getting caught up in a battle between demons. ends up in the clutches of Rias Gremory and her clan. The protagonist of High School DxD will then gradually meet all the other girls in the story, many of whom pledge their allegiance to him by becoming his girlfriends. Akeno Himejima, a freshman at Kuoh Academy and daughter of Baraqiel, a fallen angel, also ends up on screen. She is also a great friend of Rias and one of his most trusted chess pieces.

Seracoss wanted to pay homage to this high school DxD character with a Akeno Himejima Cosplay which you can see in the post below. Her academy attire was chosen, so she's a student version of Akeno, with an unbuttoned white shirt and a green cape and skirt. A beautiful character that one would certainly like to have in one's harem, even in reality.

Rias Gremory also came to life in a cosplay, while High School DxD's designer complained about a feature.

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