The main enemy of Fullmetal alchemist He is "the father," that creature also known as the homunculus. After receiving his own body, he decided to get closer and closer to the essence of the divine. Then he began to get rid of human shortcomings, and so the seven deadly sins were born.

These seven homunculus were tough opponents for the protagonists of Fullmetal Alchemist and marked many phases of the manga and anime from start to finish. Among these is lust, a feminine embodiment of lust. She shows a busty female figure, long black hair and a very tight black dress that makes her breasts clearly visible. In addition to his innate ability to regenerate himself thanks to the Philosopher's Stone in his body, his ability is to stretch out his fingers and turn them into very sharp claws.

Thanks to Giada Robin Cosplay, lust came aliveas you can see in the photo set below. The first photo is dedicated to this Lust cosplay, recorded with her classic black and red dress and gloves that reproduce the long and sharp claws. In the middle of the chest is the red tattoo of the Ouroboros, typical of these creatures created by the father.

Other cosplayers have also brought their version of the woman with them in the past few months: there is actually Ashlynne Dae's lust and Arianaxgiselle's cosplay.

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