Dreamworks Animation is a historic studio that is now part of Universal Studios' stable. He recently released films such as The Croods 2 starring Emma Stone and the hit How to Train Your Dragon 3: The Hidden World of the Public. But let's go back to the beginning of the third millennium to rediscover a classic like this one The road to El Dorado.

The production of two animated films such as Z the Ant and The Prince of Egypt ended at Dreamworks Animation Studio in the late 1990s prepared the release of La Strada by El Dorado in 2000with the two scammers Tullio and Miguel. From Seville in the 16th century, the duo had to flee Spain and accidentally embark on one of Cortes' ships to Mexico. Thanks to a series of more or less fortunate events, Tullio and Miguel arrive in the legendary city of El Dorado, from which they want to take away as much gold as possible, and there they have to meet with the thief Chel, a beautiful girl who immediately understands her intentions.

Now we can check Chel with a cosplay by Venezuelan model Barbara Ramirez. Below are the photos reproducing the girl of Indian origin with long black hair and the dress shown in the animated film. What do you think of this return from The Road to El Dorado?

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