In the Fairy Tail guild, many of the members are there from the start while others will add as the story progresses. It is the case of Juvia Lockser, a water mage who was originally part of Phantom Lord with Gajille and who was welcomed to Fairy Tail after her first guild was destroyed.

Lost in Gray Fullbuster Juvia is presented in a variety of ways throughout the series. There will be many outfits that Mashima will dedicate to her over time, and she is also one of the characters the mangaka likes the most, as evidenced by the ongoing sketches with her and Gray on Twitter. But the sorceress also gets a lot of affection from fans of the network with fanart and, of course, cosplay.

The last Juvia's cosplay was prepared by Kallisi Vamp. The cosplayer is a lover of the world of Fairy Tail and has already prepared a fantastic cosplay of Erza Scarlet for the fans. As you can see from the post below, this time it is the water sorceress in the middle, whose blue dress almost completely covers her, the bare thigh where you can see the symbol of the guild of fairy tale and some special effects that make his water attacks real.

A creation by Juvia that is really nice to see and in fact needed little to get over 5000 likes for the photo on Instagram.

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A contribution by KALLI '👑 (@kallisi__vamp)

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