Fairy Tail: A beautiful and ready to fight Elsa Scarlet in a Kallisi Vamp Cosplay

Hiro Mashima has recorded many characters over the course of his long Fairy Tail release. Thanks to its quality, the female characters always manage to be sensual and captivating, which also makes them the victim of an erotic fan service. Among these there are Elsa Scarlet, also known in public as Erza.

Even after Fairy Tail ended, Hiro Mashima often dedicated sketches to Erza Scarlet. This is due to the fact that the girl is very popular and had a lot of space in the events of the historical guild of wizards. She is indeed one of the strongest of the group and is always ready to lead the fight and end the ongoing arguments between Natsu and Gray.

Taking on the role is the cosplayer Kallisi Vamp who created one great cosplay from Erza Scarletas you can see in the following Instagram post. The girl opted for an Erza without armor, but only with the white sash over her breasts, red pants and a samurai katana. This is an outfit that was shown several times in the Fairy Tail series.

Behind her, the strong flames of the photo mix with her very long red hair. What do you think? Another Fairy Tail-themed cosplay is Mirajane's, made by the talented MK Ays.

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"Of all the Fairy Tail members, you chose me as your enemy. Bad choice"ใ€‹ FIRST ERZA PICTURE ๐Ÿ”ฅ This was my very first shooting this year. And I'm really in love with the results ๐Ÿ˜ Many thanks to my dear friend @vonkoenigsmarck for the time and the amazing smoke and light effects za Erza from me @kallisi__vamp Pic by @vonkoenigsmarck ------------ --- #cosplay #cosplaygirl #fairytailmanga #fairytailerza #erzascarlet #erzacosplay #fairytailcosplay #fairytailnatsu #fairytailanime #natsudragneel #lucyheartfilia #jerza #sexy #sexycosplay #shonengujump #fairy

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