Bulma is an iconic character from the Dragon Ball universe: He is the first character that Goku meets in his quest for the seven Dragon Balls, he is the character who always supports everyone even though he cannot fight. Throughout its history, it has played an important role in the series and has undergone remarkable evolution.

Bulma began her journey in search of the Dragon Balls as a young girl and met Goku for the first time. At that time, Bulma was a spoiled and moody girl that he just wanted to find the Dragon Balls to fulfill his wishes. However, thanks to the influence of Goku and the other characters, Bulma has matured and become more responsible.

In its history, Bulma played an important role in the creation and Development of many of the technologies present in the Dragon Ball universe, like the Dragon Ball Radar and many others. As an adult, Bulma has become a respected figure in the world of Dragon Ball. Now she is a successful scientist and entrepreneur who runs the Capsule Corporation and this has evidently made her quit the role of a young girl who grows up and matures despite her special and selfish character.

In Dragon Ball Z, during the Majin Buu saga, he is seen in one of his most mature and adult situations, continuing to support the group of protagonists. Bulma, who is now in her 40s, sports a short haircut and a red dress and yellow scarf, the same clothes PAM made in this photo. The Bulma cosplay for adults from Dragon Ball Z presents the character well, but always with the Dragonballs at hand.

Here is also a C18 cosplay but from Super and a special and unique Gogeta female cosplay.

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