The ONE-PIECE 1078 spoiler they leave no room for misunderstandings. The Battle of Egghead continues, but something is already brewing that will now have global ramifications. This is the one who betrayed Vegapunk.

The Chapter 1078 of ONE PIECE is titled "Limit Escape Time" and sees Caesar Clown and Judge bring the new MADS to life while Ichiji and Reiju puff in the background. However, in Egghead in the present, Stussy contacts Sentomaru through his own Den Den Mushi. Kizaru is on his way to the island along with a large group of marines. The world government is taking far more serious precautions than Ohara as Vegapunk's research has progressed beyond that of scientists and Egghead also has a defense system. So there won't be a simple Buster Call, but something much more intense, and so a hasty evacuation begins.

Franky is half petrified and cannot move very well S-Snake crushes Pythagoras' head, causing a huge explosion. Nico Robin understands that the Seraphim are at odds with the others, but that something might happen to the real Vegapunk in the meantime. Atlas informs them of the lab's existence, and so the trio set off. Meanwhile, Nami holds Edison in her arms while Brook in ghostly form decides to find Vegapunk. Sanji faces S-Shark and takes no damage despite the punches he received. In the central hall, the six-way match between Seraphim and Mugiwara continues, but suddenly S-Hawk runs away to focus on the weaker members, with Kaku and Zoro chasing him. Meanwhile, Lucci and Luffy continue to battle S-Bear.

However, the chapter changes completely, showing the memories of Kuma watching Bonney with a narrative message telling of birth events three months before the events of Egghead, with a sequence of characters seen in the flashback. The World Government receives a message from this island from an unknown person indicating that Vegapunk has discovered information about the Empty Century, but Cipher Pol's agents dispatched there cannot confirm anything. Some time later a new message arrives, this time allowing the person to speak to the Five Stars of Wisdom themselves, who are confident of the situation and decide to send the CP0.

Egghead's accident will shock the entire world in unimaginable ways as the final scenes of ONE PIECE 1078 focus on him reveal the traitor: it is Yorkwho aspires to become a heavenly dragon.

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