Demon Slayer: A very cute Nezuko in this MongoeCos cosplay

Demon Hunter Breaking all records in Japan also thanks to the recent release of the film Demon Slayer: Mugen Train in Japanese cinemas. Fans celebrate the success of Koyoharu Gotōge's manga in every form, and one cosplayer made an adorable cosplay of Nezuko.

in the Demon HunterNezuko, the sister of the protagonist Tanjiro, has two sides: one demonic and the other of a delicate little girl who tries to keep control of her demon body. Nezuko was an important part of Tanjiro's missionNot only because she was able to fight many demons while helping her brother, but during the series she was able to master several skills.

In the anime's first series, Nezuko was able to use techniques that helped Tanjiro, Zenitsu is Inosuke to defeat the spider clan, a group of creepy spider-like demons who will kill any demon killing team members they find on their way.

On Instagram, the cosplayer MongoeCos shared this adorable version of Nezuko in a version with no claws or fangs.

The adventures of Nezuko, Tanjiro, Zenitsu and Inosuke ended in the manga, but it's very likely that we'll see more animated customizations in the future and we can't wait! The first series has arrived on Amazon Prime. What do you think are the top five episodes of Demon Slayer? The anime is so famous in Japan that the Prime Minister mentioned a demon killing technique during an assignment.

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* 10 hour loop with soft nezuko murmuring in the background * BRB is going to be jerking off with cute anime girl ASMR ... See you all on the other side 😎 Just kidding, I was told I have one deep voice / sound like a skater chick 😆 I'm super short so people expect me to sound like a Nyanner. . . . @ // @fxdandy #animecosplay #cosplaymodel #demonslayer #nezuko #nezukocosplay #kimetsunoyaiba # 鬼 滅 ne ne #nezukokamado #kanaotsuyuri #kanaocosplay #shinobukochou #shinobucosplayunlay #demonskospikos

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