Death report is a legendary Shonen and must be recommended a priori. The work of Ohba and Obata, which was later converted into an anime by the Madhouse studio, is a concentrate of psychology and strategies with death in 38 episodes. Light Yagami and L held it all together, but they weren't the only characters that mattered.

There was also in the cast on the side of the light Misa Amane, a Gothic Lolita model and a little older than the protagonist. Blonde and beautiful, with a slim physique and always dressed in fashion, she appeared after about ten episodes and at first upset Kira's plans. In Death Note, he soon becomes an important shoulder for Light, especially thanks to the power he received from the Shinigami Rem or the Shinigami's red eyes.

Many cosplays are dedicated to Misa, who have also gone viral. After a while we will present one new cosplay from Misa Misawhich you can see below. The co-star of Death Note introduces himself to the public with the classic black gothic dress that makes different areas of the body clearly visible. The stockings and the skirt as well as the long lace gloves without fingers on the arms keep the character in the style of the series. Obviously blonde hair in pigtails on the sides and one is inevitable red apple, which is often a symbol used in Death Note.

Did you know these five fun facts about Ohba and Obata's death note?

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