Chainsaw Man is finally back with the second saga of the manga. After a two-and-a-half year hiatus, Tatsuki Fujimoto returned to the Shueisha parent company with a different story, but one that has yet to become famous chainsaw man, Denji. Instead, the first two chapters clearly focused on another character.

there Young Asa Mitaka is an ordinary student, a little antisocial and always alone, but an event will upset her. His story begins with Chainsaw Man 98, available on MangaPlus for a week, and continues with Chapter 99, which will be released on Tuesday, July 19th. At the moment it can only be said that the girl got caught in an unfortunate event that forced her to bond with the War Devil, an extremely powerful looking war devil.

If the war devil uses his power, possessing Asa Mitaka’s body, showing some scars while the gaze becomes significantly more evil. The character went viral immediately, so it’s no surprise they’re already here War Devil Cosplay from Chainsaw Man, with the face of Asa Mitaka slightly disfigured by the marks of battle. Has cosplayer Anastasia Cold demonstrated this below, impressed by this character’s popularity?

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