Toriyama and Toyotaro submitted the phase with Molo as antagonists and prepared the debut of a The new story arc of Dragon Ball Super where we have already seen the return of Bardak. However, the Saiyan we know to be Goku’s father isn’t the only one who recently reappeared on the manga’s pages.

Indeed we have checked other members of the species of Goku and Vegetaas well as the damage they caused. It is precisely because of the deeds of the Saiyan race that Granolah wants to kill them, although he believes that his dream cannot be realized after the destruction of the planet Vegeta. However, Dragon Ball Super is gearing up to dig deeper into the history of the alien monkeys and kick off the hook with the designs of Dragon Ball Super 69.

While Vegeta follows the god of destruction in search of new techniquesBeerus asks him about the situation of the race. Vegeta replies that the Saiyajins only conquered other planets after the alliance with Freeza, especially because of the desire for power of the now dead father. Beerus doesn’t seem particularly happy with the answer, but he also suggests that the Saiyans’ past is closely related to the techniques Vegeta seeks to learn from the god of destruction.

The Granolah saga will serve that new steps forward to Vegeta?

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