Nintendo's acquisition of Dynamo Picture to invest in video content for its famous brands has fueled fans' hopes of watching series dedicated to The Legend of Zelda, Super Mario and other gaming industry icons. Meanwhile, while he waits to find out more, one fan has envisioned his anime version of Metroid.

Metroid represents one of the longest-running series of the big N, always the flagship of every new console and able to inspire enormous expectations in passionate gamers, just think of the welcome reserved for Metroid Dread and the thrill of waiting for Metroid Prime 4 As time goes by, time flies Bounty hunter Samus Aran became one of the main characters of the Tokyo company, and the user Art of Pipeur went for it Think of her as the protagonist of an anime through illustrations.

In the image that you can find below you can see three different scenes that the artist came up with and in which Samus is represented in one Anime style surprisingly just right for the atmosphere of the bounty hunter's story, marked by a perhaps all too anonymous face. Let us know what you think of this fan-made illustration in the comments.

Finally, remember that Metroid Dread is the game that has spawned the most out of the entire series, which has now been running for 36 years.

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