chainsaw man is a manga by Tatsuki Fujimoto that was published in Japan on Weekly Shonen Jump from 2018 to 2020, when the first phase of the story ended. The success was overwhelming and for this reason the production of an anime started immediately, which was first announced in connection with the end of the first part in 2020.

The action follows Denji, a young boy who thrives on his wits and perception Collaboration with little Pochitaa devil with a chainsaw for a nose, gains superhuman powers that allow him to fight other devils and human hybrids.

The world of Chainsaw Man is populated by these devils, creatures that embody one of the human fears and who become more powerful the stronger the fear in question is. However, there are certain situations that cause these devils to act differently than expected. There is indeed a difference between the devils and the chainsaw man's majins, and this difference was made known by the presence of the Force.

One of the most interesting characters in Chainsaw Man is Power, a girl with pink hair and orange eyes who joins Denji in his fight against the devils. Power is a very sui generis character, she is de facto a little girl in a girl's body, with a very moody, childish, overbearing, and abusive nature. She has superhuman strength and superior regenerative abilities, making her a fearsome fighter to pair with her ability to manipulate blood.

The alternative version power cosplay made by Fer offers a different angle on the character. Hair and horns are always included, but this time he's wearing a plain shirt. Obviously, the cosplayer also proposed Power in the classic government version, with a white shirt and tie. Which of the two photos below is your favorite?

At the moment, Denji is processing his trauma in the second part of the Chainsaw Man manga.

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