With Tatsumaki unconscious and Blast lost who knows where, perhaps in other universes to strike upon greater evils Land of the One Punch Man There are very few characters who can aspire to a divine level. Garou has proven to be one of them: the human monster keeps changing to become stronger.

But Saitama can stop him. The protagonist of One-Punch Man has decided to take on the challenge and make Garou a normal human, maybe even a hero. That The fight picks up pace in One-Punch Man 163, once again full of action. Garou seems to have the upper hand and manages to dodge Saitama's punches and hit him with monstrous techniques. But Saitama collects everything without batting an eyelid and involuntarily tricks Garou into rescuing civilians multiple times.

Before with his punches Garou frees the trapped people Below the palaces, he then attempts to destroy Saitama by hurling him into an erupting volcano, but the shockwave created causes the lava flow to change direction, saving the residents. Another monsterrification is not enough, with Garou growing two wings and becomes more and more a Devilman: Saitama always manages to show himself stronger and more resilient. There seems to be nothing that can scratch the skin of One-Punch Man's protagonist as Garou's hatred grows ever greater.

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