The final episodes of the second season of Demon Hunter they showed how much Tanjiro still had to improve as a hunter. Therefore, in order to better prepare for Muzan Kibutsuji's subordinates, the protagonist has been training hard again since the second episode of the third season, but what does his new preparation look like?

Meeting with Kotetsu proved fundamental in organizing Tanjiro's new training sessions. As a matter of fact, Kotetsu's family owns a mechanical doll Modeled after an experienced swordsman from the Rengoku era and therefore capable of fighting. Tanjiro abstains from food and water and aims to improve both his physical alertness and reflexes as well as his mastery of some techniques. Subsequently, Tanjiro embarks on a devastating training, which, however, allows him to attain new abilities.

In the clip at the bottom of the page you can see the amazing achievements made by the hunter such as: B. the ability to Predict opponents' attacks and have time to dodge them. It's a technique that he certainly needs to train and perfect, but that could be crucial or fundamental in combat, given the extraordinary speed shown by some Demons and the Moons in Kibutsuji's service, to overcome desperate situations.

And what do you think of this new training that Tanjiro has been doing? Tell us in the comments. Before we say goodbye, let's remember that the pillar of love, the beautiful Mitsuri Kanroji, has received a faithful cosplay and we leave you with our review of Demon Slayer 3x02.

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