The manga from chainsaw man has already completed the first part for quite some time. Almost two years have passed since this conclusion, which took place on Weekly Shonen Jump at the end of 2020, with the same days that were also harbingers of another important news, namely the release of the anime of Chainsaw Man, which is now in preparation I arrive.

Soon those who only observe souls will be able to do this slip into Denji's shoesthis unfortunate boy who is assigned as a devil hunter but after a few vicissitudes becomes Chainsaw Man, the hybrid between man and devil he is later found by Makimaanother great character in the story of Tatsuki Fujimoto who announced these days that he will be back with Chainsaw Man Part 2 soon.

The relationship between the two characters, between the man with the chainsaw and the red-haired woman, is one of the most important in the manga and gradually becomes more fundamental. Alin Ma was joined by fellow photographer BloodWinny and photographer Akunohako to make this possible Makima and Denji cosplay in the Chainsaw Man version but with different chains around. A sign of coercion and attachment that is difficult to destroy and will shock anyone.

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