As the community eagerly awaits the release of the new animated season promoted by the recent My Hero Academia 6 trailer, a live stream from TOHO Animation has revealed the debut date of the two special episodes set at the turn of Season 5.

Before witnessing the war that Heroes and Villain will be engaged in, My Hero Academia viewers will encounter two very special OVAs. These will debut on Crunchyroll starting August 1, 2022. However, visitors to Anime Expo can exclusively visit the two specials a month in advance, on July 1st.

The first My Hero Academia 5 OVA is Hero League of Baseball, an episode dedicated to the game Baseball game between teams led by captains Gang Orca and Shishido, professional heroes whose agencies have long been competitors. There are no rules in the HLB tournament and the use of quirks for the purpose of winning is permitted. At the end of the competition, the Orcas and Lionels teams are interrupted by the appearance of a villain.

The second episode is entitled "Laugh! Like you're in hell". A new villain, Mr. Smiley, is introduced in this My Hero Academia OVA. After meeting Endeavor's house, the Trio of trainees Deku, Shoto and Bakugo he will go after him.

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