Azure Lane is a scrolling shooter video game born in China in 2017. It was released in May, but also released in Japan a few months later, in September of the same year. In the land of the rising sun, video games became an absolute phenomenon that inspired manga and anime in the world of Azur Lane.

Unfortunately, the anime Azur Lane hasn't received much positive feedback, but the brand that emerged from the mind of the Chinese studio CHN: Bilibili continued to intrigue fans of the game. In fact, the brand's popularity is so great that it has suffered only a small fraction of the animated product's failure and continues to encourage the fandom to create a different cosplay.

The HaneAme model, based on a fan art, has one explosive cosplay from St. Louis. The bombastic girl was shot by a fan with a silver evening dress look when she stepped off a McLaren P1. The cosplayer, on the other hand, presented us with her highly erotic photo set, which is not recommended for the faint-hearted, as you can see below. The dress barely contains the shapes, while the girl descends from a Camaro. HaneAme he does not fail to highlight all the details of his dress, even if they are barely noticed in some photos. Azur Lane fans will definitely go to the Jujube broth for this performance.

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The outfit is very special. I especially rent a cool car. You want to see more? #Azurlane #stlouis set to Patr0n for JULY Tier4 link # Link in my organic accessory + hair + shoes that I made myself - - Cos ๅ—Ž๏ผŸ ๐Ÿ˜Ž ่‡ช่ฃฝ ้…ไปถ + ๅ‡้ซฎ ้€ ๅž‹ + ้ž‹ๅญ # ็ขง่— ่ˆช็ทš # ่–่ทฏๆ˜“ๆ–ฏ #cosplay ๅฎŒๆ•ด 0 Patr0n โญ๏ธ ้€ฃ็ต ๅœจ ๅ€‹ไบบ ้ 

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