The split between Marley and Eldia is now clear. The ancient people of Ymir were subdued in a variety of ways, with the descendants of the old empire being imprisoned in ghettos and exploited by the new Marleyan rule. This division spawned the whole story of The Attack of the Giants, which now takes over again in an anime version.

The descendants of the Eldians can inherit the might of the Nine Giants, those creatures with exceedingly strong powers, capable of annihilating cities and armies in a short time. Some of these powers ended up in the hands of the protagonists of Attack of the Giants, the other part ended up in the hands of their current enemies instead, the Eldians responding to orders from Marley's army.

From generation to generation, these powers change hands due to the limitations imposed by Ymir's curse. Currently, the power of the Giant Chariot rests in the hands of Pieck Finger, one of the most loyal soldiers who has excelled in combat in several situations. Now with the fourth season of Attack of the GiantsPieck became an integral part of the cast and quickly won the love of the audience.

Here is a Pieck finger cosplay by Ichig0xoxo, which highlights the girl's face from the pronounced nose to the hair, while the red Eldian band on the right is also visible.

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