There are characters that are bound to change design over time. It happens in manga and it also happens in anime when at first it is not understood that a character appearing in the background could become important in the future. In which'ONE PIECE animewhich has lasted for decades, there is no shortage of such examples.

One of the best known is Marco la Fenice. The commander of Whitebeard's first fleet and the Emperor's right-hand man before his death, he is known for his lock of blonde hair that makes him resemble a pineapple and his ability to transform into a phoenix. There is Yet another transformation for Marco in the ONE PIECE anime which has gone unnoticed for many, but not for all.

In his first appearances in ONE PIECE Marco the Phoenix was a completely anonymous character and with not so defined characteristics. There was his forelock, but it was blue, plus the clothes were much simpler and great for a background character, certainly not a big deal. As we move on and Oda makes it clear how important this character is, Marco changes and becomes more true to what we know, with a very different dress and a tattoo on his chest, however it's red and not blue like the final design .

Then the character transitions to his final form in ONE PIECE, as fan Willy recalled on Twitter, who shared a collage of this transformation of Marco the Phoenix below. Meanwhile, the former commander of Whitebeard also shows his flames in Wano, while a fan has decided to create a painting of Marco in the form of a phoenix.

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