In addition to Eren Jaeger, a character who appeared on the first pages of The Attack of the Giants and will likely be present until the finale Mikasa Ackerman. The girl belongs to a mysterious clan and has many secrets. It swore to protect Eren, who saved them from a group of bandits years ago.

In the course of the giants' attack we saw Mikasa in different versions. The first is that of a young girl when she lived with the Jaeger family and still had long hair. The second is the most famous and follows entry into the Exploration Legion. Mikasa always does her best to protect Eren and often shows her fighting skills on giants that make her almost invincible.

There were many girls who tried to play Mikasa's shoes. The most successful was Mk_Ays, who brought us a Mikasa cosplay a few months ago. However, she didn't stop and continued to produce photos of the character that she recently featured on her Instagram page. This time we can all see his in full length Mikasa cosplay, much sharper than the previous one, which was in a much more active pose.

Below we can see two photos of Mk_Ays as Mikasa, in full length and this allows us to see the goodness of the realization of the clothes, including jacket, blouse and all the leather straps of the legionnaires' uniform. In Attack of the Giants 4, however, we will see it differently.

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Sometimes I want to be a superhero and protect all people from bad things, especially bad things this year like Mikasa from Attack on Titan protects people from titans. Иногда я хочу быть супергероем, который защищал бы людей от бед этого мира и особенно от бед этого года, как Микаса из Атаки Титанов бесстрашно защищает людей от титанов🖤. #mikasaackerman #mikasaackermancosplay #attackontitan #attackontitancosplay #aot #aotcosplay #mikasacosplay #mikasa

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