In the last few days, LIDEN FILMS has surprised the audience with several new announcements. Following the announcement of Call of the Night's anime debut, the animation studio behind Tokyo Revengers is also introducing sleepless after school.

Through a first video published on the Anime PONY CANYON YouTube channel, LIDEN FILMS unveils the anime adaptation of Makoto Ojiro's manga. The teaser features the anime's lead voice acting, exceptional collaborators, and a generic release window: Insomniacs After School will debut in 2023. LIDEN FILMS is also close to releasing My Master Has no Tail.

The two main protagonists, Ganta and Isaki, are voiced by Gen Sato and Konomi Tamura respectively. Yuki Ikeda, who previously worked on Science Fell in Love, So I Tried to Prove It and The Seven Deadly Sins: Imperial Wrath of The Gods, will direct the series and oversee the scripts. Meanwhile, Plunderer's Yuki Fukuda is in charge of character design Haikyuu's Yuki Hayashi!! and My Hero Academia is composing the soundtrack.

Insomniacs After School tells the story of two schoolmates, Ganta and Isaki, who cannot sleep at night. Both are constantly concerned about their lack of sleep, but after a chance encounter at the school's observatory, now converted into a warehouse, the two begin to share their secrets. Between Ganta and Isaki yes develops a special connection. Ojiro's manga series was published in Shogakukan magazine Big Comic Spirits in May 2019, and in 2022, the success of Insomniacs After School inspired the live action. And you, will you be following this series when it comes out?

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