Near the end of the first cour, Spy x Family overtook ONE PIECE and Detective Conan in the most watched ranking. The anime series is thus confirmed as the queen of the season, as is one very faithful and brilliant adaptation of the manga by Tatsuya Endo.

The previous appointment with the anime by WIT Studio and CloverWorks ended with a sensational cliffhanger, of which we see the funny implications in Spy x Family 1x09. Forced by Uncle Yuri Briar to prove her love Loid approaches Yor to kiss her. The woman isn't ready for her first kiss, however, and to relieve the tension, she drinks some wine. Drunk, she now projects herself towards her husband.

However, Yuri just can't pull it off. Even though he pushed for the kiss, it's just too much for his psyche to witness this scene. Just at the last second before the fateful kissHe throws himself into the middle of the pair. Yor, still too excited despite the wine, prepared a loud slap that went straight to her brother's face.

The secret policeman flies away and hits his head on the wall across from the living room. bleeding profusely, Yuri bursts into tears not because of the pain, but because he thinks Yor hit him for interrupting the intimate moment between the two spouses. Even when he's hit again, resulting in a concussion, Yuri doesn't stop thinking about how much he loves his sister. It's time to return to Eden in the Spy x Family 1x10 preview.

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