Mankind lives in constant fear of giants, gigantic carnivorous creatures that have invaded their lands and are attempting to storm mankind's last stronghold hidden within high walls. This is the beginning of The attack of the giantsStory written and drawn by Hajime Isayama, who will only reveal his true nature much later.

In the beginning there were only the Eldians, a race of conquering barbarians in contact with a special power possessed by the slave Ymir. So this tribe became a kingdom and then an empire, expanding and conquering many more territories while also endangering the survival of other races like the Marleyans. Over the years, however, Eldia's once-mighty empire was overthrown by Marley, who banished much of the Eldian population to a remote area, where a new breed of humanity emerged that has since emerged brought the protagonists of Attack of the Giants to life.

Everything that happened in history therefore stems from the choices made by the ancestor of this people tied to the power of giants. The story of Ymir, the progenitor of the Eldians, is at the heart of Attack on Titan. His life, bleak and desperate, took worse and worse turns until he decided to let Eren Jaeger help him. Before that, however, Ymir was just a sandformer in the Land of Paths, an endless wasteland with a gigantic cone of light that unites all Eldians scattered across the world.

The Cosplay of Ymir blind and on the beach perfectly brings the character of Attack of the Giants to life and puts him in a really relevant and non-trivial context. As he moves through the various dunes, he forms new Eldians and wanders in search of meaning.

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