After a leap in time of several years, each writer tends to change the appearance of a character more or less slightly in order to convey a feeling of growth. This has also happened to many characters in the UK The attack of the giants 4that we slowly get to know and review as the episodes progress.

What episode 7 of The Attack of the Giants 4 showed us, which was published on VVVVID for a few days, is the new Armin Arlert. Like all of his companions, the character has grown over the years since arriving at the sea and invading Marley. Now he shows himself with shorter hair and a much more resigned appearance than before, also thanks to the acquisition of the colossal giant after devouring Bertholt.

The new Armin appears in a cosplay Posted by Etsu Cosplayer which you can check out below. In the photos we can see the transformation that has taken place into the character and which partly takes up the scene on the boat Attack on Titan 4x07 where Armin takes off his hood before he brings the power of his giant to explode. In addition to her blonde hair and uniform, the Etsu cosplayer brings a lot of detail to her face thanks to her makeup and shows Armin's gaze after she has just stopped using the colossal giant's power.

The Attack of the Giants 4 will continue the story every Tuesday on VVVVID and Amazon Prime Video with Italian subtitles.

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