In the numerous adventures signed by Akira Toriyama, we have seen Goku grow up, become a grown man, form a family, and always ready to fight and overcome his limits, starting with the first conversion to Super Saiyan in Dragon Ball Z to get to the newest Super Saiyan God, Blue, and Ultra Instinct.

If you take into account the fact that Dragon Ball Super takes place in the ten years between the defeat of Majin Buu and the Dragon Ball Z epilogue, it does It is very unlikely that we can see an old Gokuwho may continue to train despite his mature age.

A fan, the artist Marcelo Ventura, wanted to imagine that What would the Saiyan be with hair that has gone white? For reasons of time, accompanied by a long beard, which almost never appeared in the regular series. The illustration shown below is characterized by an almost realistic style, slightly dark tones, and shows some and nice details that have not escaped the long-time fans.

In addition to Stick and Master Roshi's turtle shell that can be seen behind GokuWe also find the little dragon balls attached to the tunic and a bowl and chopsticks in the protagonist's hands, as if to remind us of the comical interludes in which he ate a disproportionate amount of food.

What do you think about this particular time jump for the character of Goku? Let us know with a comment below. We also remember that the origins of Vegetto were recently explained and that

Old Master Goku by Marcelo Ventura from r / dbz

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