In this year's 10th issue of the magazine Bessatsu friend from the publisher Kodansha It has been announced that the manga will be written and illustrated by Ammitsu, Takane no Ran-sanIt will end in four chapters. If there are no delays and the chapter released on September 12th is counted, the manga would end in December.

Ammitsu started publishing the manga in Kodansha Publishing's Bessatsu Friend magazine in July 2017. The publisher released the ninth compiled volume in Japan on September 11, and it was announced that the tenth would be its last.

Takane no Ran-san Synopsis

Ran is a beautiful and elegant woman with excellent results. No boy on earth would dare to declare his love for her, and no one would think that she is completely innocent except for Akira. Take part in the romantic adventure between Rin, the "mountain flower", and Akira, whose family happens to own a flower shop. What is behind a girl who is as perfect as she is? And why does Akira dare to approach?

Source: ANN

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