The long-standing series by Gosho Aoyama, whose roots go back to the distant 90s, has fascinated the whole world. Murders and mysteries are for Detective Conan. on the agenda, the little protagonist who had to go back to elementary school to solve case after case together with detective Kogoro.

Lots of people died in Detective Conan, but me Secrets were all solved by the young detective and his aides, though some tried harder than expected, and all the while what was now a teenage detective in black was fighting the organization. Detective Conan now has over 1000 episodes, so is known all over the world, so many have dedicated cosplay to him.

The Korean photographer Sinsadog, who has been active in the cosplay field for some time, involved his son in a project in which the famous protagonist of the anime was replicated. The little boy then wore the blue jacket, blue shorts and the flashy red bow tie for play Detective Conan in this cosplay. In addition to a very eloquent pose, the costume also contains glowing white glasses, which give the impression that the photographer's son has managed to solve another case.

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