The Disney universe is vast and full of stories. Over time, the kid entertainment giant has relied on many stories, legends, and fairy tales to create its own characters or restructure existing ones to package a movie for the whole family. There are so many Disney classics as well Aladdin is one of the most popular.

In the Persian-inspired world with desert and Arabic hues, Aladdin finds the lamp spirit a magical lamp that will completely change his life. The young villain protagonist will even go so far as to conquer Princess Jasmine, the daughter of the Maharajah, but is prevented from doing so by the villain Jafar. He will still have many moments with the Disney princess.

And it is precisely the latter that was brought to life through the creation of cosplayer Samantha ReneƩ. At the start in the city of Agrabah, Samantha a Cosplay of Princess Jasmine in all her glory. Samantha picked up the clothes and the outfit from the historic Disney film and suggested a jasmine in a two-piece light blue dress with long black hair that was gathered into a very long braid.

Mira Ladovira also brought a Jasmine cosplay while another Disney world like Snow White got her cosplay.

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