When it was thought that with the touching and warm words of the Seventh Hokage the Kawaki question was closed, Masashi Kishimoto turned the situation around. In the latest chapter of Boruto, Isshiki Otsutsuki's ship, bypassing the security of Konoha, escaped from the leaf. But why did he leave loved ones?

Kawaki is aware of being a living threat for his fellow human beings and out of love for Naruto, who hugged him like a father, and for the Uzumaki family, he decided to leave the leaf village. Leaving Konoha is certainly not easy. Shikamaru has alerted all the shinobi in the village and the Uzumaki house is surrounded by guards who are constantly monitoring the situation.

But when Inojin reveals important details about his mother's sensory team, Kawaki uses the information to come up with a brilliant plan. He uses the connection with the Otsutsuki to purify his chakra so that the sensory ninjas cannot perceive his movements, and with a Kage Bunshin he distracts the guards who are keeping an eye on him.

Kawaki's escape has begun, but this reckless gesture could cost him anything. After Kawaki gives up, it will almost certainly be branded as one "Rogue Ninja", a title that has shaped the life and career of Sasuke Uchiha to this day. Despite its association with the Seventh Hokage, Kawaki is unlikely to ever return to Konoha. We leave you to the predictions and the release date of Boruto 62.

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