Amazon listed the twenty-fourth compilation volume of the manga written and illustrated by Tadahiro Miura, Yuragi-sou no Yuuna-san (also know as Yuuna and the Haunted Hot Springs) with a total of two OVAs to be included. The volume will be released on December 4 and will include the episodes "Noroware no Kogarashi" and "Giri Giri !? Onsen Happening. "

Additionally, it is confirmed that the manga series will enter its plot climax in issue # 27 of the magazine Weekly Shonen Jump from the publisher Shueisha, on June 8, and that it has prepared an "important announcement" in the same edition.

Miura has published the manga in Shueisha publisher Weekly Shonen Jump magazine since February 2016. The publisher published the twenty-first compilation volume on April 3. According to a recent report, this play is very close to completion, as it approaches its plot climax.

The work inspired a twelve-episode anime adaptation, produced by the studios. Xebec, under the direction of Tsuyoshi Nagasawa and scripts written by Hideaki Koyasu, released in July 2018.

Synopsis of Yuragi-sou no Yuuna-san

The story follows the life of Kogarashi Fuyuzora, a homeless high school student who has been quite unlucky throughout his life. In his search for refuge, he discovers a cheap hostel with hot springs known as the "Yuragi-sou". The reason why the rent is quite cheap, is because it is inhabited by the beautiful ghost, Yuuna, whose body was discovered inside the hostel. Kogarashi then helps Yuuna with her unfinished business, as she uncovers the supernatural secrets of the rest of the tenants.

Source: ANN

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