Yu-Gi-Oh!: With the new goods you can quench your thirst with the amphora of greed!

In the past few hours, the arrival of a number of new products inspired by the popular franchise has been announced Yu-Gi-Oh!. Among the many, two magnificent objects stand out, inspired by cards that are particularly appreciated by fans: the amphora of greed is the glass of greed.

The new merchandise is currently only available in Japan, but will most likely arrive in the west as well over the months. The two objects in question are nothing more than very original cups with one Design taken from the cards above. You can view the products below and consult the official website.

The Pot of Greed is an extremely powerful card, the effect of which allows the player to draw two cards without disadvantage. The pot of avarice is just as useful, since the duelist can choose five monsters from his graveyard, shuffle them into the deck and then draw two cards.

The two cups taste the beauty of 5,390 yen each (approx. 44 euros), a justified price due to the high quality of the 3D reproduction. Pre-order is available from today on the official website Premium Bandai.

What do you think about it? You like them? Let us know with a comment! We stay with the topic of Yu-Gi-Oh! And remind you that the spin-off manga for Rook finally launched last month, and the new anime Yu-Gi-Oh Arc-V is currently available on Prime Video.

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