Although it doesn't shine as it did in the beginning, Yu-Gi-Oh! continues to confirm himself as a commodity prince. The latest addition to the brand's huge catalog is the fantastic collectible statue of First 4 Figures.

The well-known company specializing in collectible figurines has dedicated a great piece to the black magician, the Card most common by Yugi. used, as well as one of the most iconic of all Duel Monsters.

"First 4 Figures is proud to present its newest Yu-Gi-Oh! PVC collectible, the Dark Magician! Pre-orders are now open!"said the company. The announcement of the statuette was accompanied by a wonderful video highlighting all the details of the same. It is proposed in two different colors, one purple and the other bluish. Both the Purple Edition and Blue Edition come with rechargeable LEDs that surround the statue and a small LED that resides in the gemstone of the wand held by the monster. At the base of the figure we find the attack and defense statistics, as well as an Egyptian-style stone tablet.

The two editions are again available in two versions, one definitely with a height of 42 cm and the other exclusively with a more modest size of 32 cm. It costs $ 468 about the first and $ 185 for the second.

We leave you to the characters from Slifer, Ra and Obelisk and a bizarre suggestion: the Duel Monstersi from Yu-Gi-Oh! at the Olympic Games.

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