The more than twenty year old franchise of Yu-Gi-Oh! continues to rake in billions of yen a year, thanks largely to the popularity of the trading card game. However, the charm of the first series remains and many long-time fans have opened up an interesting discussion about anime's best villains.

L'Pictures of the first seasonwith Yugi and his companions embroiled in dangerous tournaments on distant islands, and mysteries related to Egyptian mythology, it certainly remains one of the most treasured by the community, and following a question from a user on Reddit what it was about Millemmin Pegasus The best antagonist of the series in general, many would agree. Other answers, as you can also see from the following posts, also involved Yami Bakura, an evil spirit originating from the Millennial Ring, Marik Ishtar, leader of the Rare Hunters and main antagonist of the Battle City arc.

However, many comments and replies focused on the character of Z-One praised for its rather complicated background, and a design that still turns out to be one of the most original of all seasons. And what would you have answered? Which Yu-Gi-Oh villain impressed you the most? Tell us in the comments section.

Finally, remember that Iron Tite has created a character dedicated to Yugi and the Black Wizard and we leave you with the first details on the new Yu-Gi-Oh manga.

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