During an interview with the microphones of Weekly Playboy, the author of Mobile Suit Gundam Yoshiyuki Tomino has announced his retirement from the anime world. The Japanese writer and director blamed his health and said it was due to physical problems will give up Studio Sunrise within three years.

As the author revealed to Weekly Playboy's microphones, the main problem would be stenosis Spine Tomino has suffered from it for years. The condition in question leads to abnormal narrowing of the spinal canal in certain areas of the spine, resulting in muscle pain, numbness in the legs, and motor difficulties. During the interview, too, the author spoke about some movement difficulties that make office work difficult.

Tomino further stated that he will work in the studio for another three years. and that he will quit later, a decision that was apparently made taking into account his age. A few months ago the author had stated that he would destroy Evangelion and Demon Slayer and that it was his competitive spirit that led him to create new works even at his age, but unfortunately his body doesn't seem to allow him to work that long he wants. .

Mobile Suit Gundam recently made a comeback thanks to Mobile Suit Gundam Hathaway, the first film in the new trilogy based on a series of Tomino novels. In the future the author will leave the study, but it is not certain that he will not continue to work occasionally with his team from home.

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