Yashahime: Why did Kagome choose to live in feudal times?

Yashahime: Princess half-demon brought fans back to the world of Inuyasha and allowed new generations to discover one of the most important works of the past. In an old note, Rumiko Takahashi revealed an interesting anecdote about the character of Kagome.

Although they had started off on the wrong foot, she was Bond between Kagome and Inuyasha has grown stronger and stronger until it finally blossoms with the debut of Moroha, one of the three protagonists of Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon. While the sequel is still focused on their relationship, Inuyasha writer Rumiko Takahashi has revealed a detail about the end of their work.

In a note for Inuyasha, the mangaka analyzed the final decision to bring Kagome permanently into the feudal era. Takahashi revealed that at the time She wasn't sure how to deal with the ending and that the protagonist's original voice actress helped her choose.

""I was really at a loss when considering Kagome's decision. I asked the voice actress to vote Yukinno Katsuki ". The answer from the voice actress would have been Takahashi a Unite life forever of the two protagonists. ""Kagome could never forget Inuyasha and if she had chosen the modern age, she would have likely lived as if half of her soul had been taken away. That seemed cruel. Instead of feudal times, I would say that the best way of life for Kagome was to be with Inuyasha. " The new Yashahime poster shows the characters of Inuyasha. Let's find out why Yashahime's protagonists turned down a mission.

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