The first official chapter of the next great Marvel story, or X-Men: X of Swords Creations, will be released next week. In light of this upcoming release, Marvel has released Comics the first two pages of the comic.

The first records of X-Men: X of Swords Creations contain four mysterious characters (apparently based on the model of the four horsemen of the apocalyptic) Conspiracy against Krakoa, a living island where the mutants are. "We will spread the ways of krakoa with the bodies of all who stand against us. An apocalypse is coming."says one of them.

The first volume of X of Swords: Creation by Jonathan Hickman, Tini Howard and Pepe Larraz will have a total of 72 pages. Inside, Ten mutants will line up to defend the new nation Krakoa's mutant. Arakko's dark story is revealed and the future of the mutated genre is jeopardized. Hence, this saga will have a very harsh impact on the future of the X-Men and will change the fate of the protagonists of the franchise forever. This crossover has a duration of 22 chapters and runs until November. The first volume will be released on September 23rd. X-Men: X of Swords has already shown itself with a trailer and will most likely revolve around the betrayal of an X-Men.

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