After asking the dragon from Planet Cereal to become the strongest fighter in the entire universe, Granolah has become relentless. Equipped with an exceptional speed and strength, he has several techniques that get both Goku and Vegeta in trouble. In the latest chapter of Dragonball Super revealed another.

If he had used some kind of “Kage Bunshin no Jutsu”, Naruto’s iconic multiplication technique, in the fight with Goku, he again showed his skills as a during the fight with Vegeta Granolah Warrior who prefers long distances.

The cerealer still seems to have several hidden abilities up his sleeve, the last of which allowed him to hit his opponent from a considerable distance. When Vegeta lands in the sea of ​​grain, Granolah puts her hands down as if he were holding a bow. At this point, the hunter asks Oatmeel for advice on aiming and the assistant suggests waiting for Vegeta to come out of the water. Granolah impatiently fires her energy arrow while her rival is still underwater. Although Vegeta is cushioned by the water, he is hit by an explosion that he can hardly fight off.

Granolah’s little experience of fighting wanes and little by little the cerealer demonstrates his incredible strength and crazy techniques he has available in his repertoire. What other abilities could it be hiding? Meanwhile, here’s Vegeta’s crazy strategy in Dragon Ball Super. We experience the Arch of Molo in a special illustration from Dragon Ball Super.

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