In the past sagas of ONE PIECE We have always seen one-on-one fights between the Straw Hat pirates and the enemies on duty, whenever possible. It happened in the Enies Lobby, in Alabasta, in Arlong Park, and nothing prevents something like this from happening in this last phase of Wanokuni, despite the completely different situation.

Luffy is already destined to fight Big Mom and Kaido, the two emperors who are good at peeling. However, it should not be forgotten that there are currently many enemies of ONE PIECE, including other dangerous ones. At the top of this pyramid are the three disasters: King, Queen and Jack, with the former apparently already stronger than the other two.

Its size is not yet known, but the question is: who will fight with king? As we saw in the last chapter, for now it is Sanji who is fighting with King. The cook managed to save Momonosuke, but had to benefit from King's attack in the form of a pterodactyl. Oda’s is a choice that has taken some fans off guard as King, also due to his nature as a swordsman, seemed intended for Zoro.

And if the mangaka decide to do it instead Face King from the Sanji Zoro couple? After all, the place Sanji was thrown is close to where Zoro is right now, unless the swordsman has moved away from the screen. Sanji was able to face King in his pterodactyl version, also taking into account the fact that the cook manages to move while in the air Zoro would take care of the enemy if he is in human form or hybrid and when she shows her sword skills.

What do you expect from it? Confrontation with King? Meanwhile, Eiichiro Oda admits that it will take a few more years for ONE PIECE to end.

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